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اى پِى سرور SA-MP سايت

سلام به همه دوستان عزيز...

بعد از مدت ها سرور اين سايت و جى تى اى اينسايد افتتاح شد...

از حالا به بعد ميتونيد بريد و تو سرور ما پلى كنيد و خوش باشيد...

اينم از اى پى سرور:

مديران سرور:


آخرين ارسال هاي انجمن

پچ 1.1 برای fifa 11

Fix for the end match crash in Manager Mode and Exhibition Match.
* Fix for Manager Mode crash when using Peterborough Club.
* Fix for teams in Manager Mode that were appearing in the incorrect leagues. Note: This will not work for Manager Mode saves that you have in progress, only new ones that you start after installing the patch.
* Fix for Manager Mode in-game scoreboard location when in widescreen mode and using a league other than England.
* Fix for Manager Mode in-game scoreboard location when Olympique Lyonnais are used.
* Fix for the weather pattern randomizer in Manager Mode.
* Fix for the issue of two users playing on the same team if you enter the online mode with the mouse.
* Fix for Online Head to Head matches where the in-game scoreboard location was sometimes too low on the screen.
* Fix for users being able to control the opponent CPU with a second controller after backing out of a Ranked Online match.
* Fix for users who did not receive a DNF% on the Head to Head Leaderboards when pressing ALT + F4.
* Fix for highlight replays video stuttering.
* Fix to improve the NIS (Non-Interactive Sequence) stuttering.
* Fix for keyboard users who were not able to access the in-game Controller Settings.
* Work around fix for video stuttering on ATI video cards (Until a new driver is released).
* Correction to Lincoln City kit sponsors.
* Correction to Zenit St. Petersburg third kit.

* Correction to Montpellier kit sponsors

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